Monday, August 31, 2009

Hi, my name is Brad Clooney

I don't want this to come out wrong, but women generally are too picky. A friend of mine wrote a blog called "Woman seeking Man", (I am following her on this site). She has some excellent points and some less than great points. Before reading any further, please read the above blog.
Now that you've read mylifeinrepeat's blog, we can move forward. I think some woman out there would agree that some of those requirements are pretty steep. After asking my other lady-friends their opinion on this matter, one conclusion seemed to arise. Some woman want a moldable, programmable, zombie, robot, toy. "Earth to Meekus", not gonna find one over the age of 14/15.
On to the new statements. Appaerntly, woman have it harder than guys do. Here is the list I have recieved of things woman need to do in order to go out for the night, not the week.
Shower, shave everything, pick an outfit (based on all kinds of crap), nails, shoes, hair, make-up, accessories, and last but not least, purse. Boo-Hoo!!!
First of all, if you have to do all this ask yourself a question. Who are you trying to be? I have gone out plenty of times and have seen woman that look great in the natural. I mean really great. So ponder that for a while ladies.
Now if I wanted to meet a woman at the library, tell me which one. Have you ever tried to talk to girl who is in the middle of studying for a test? Have you ever tried to pick up a woman at the grocery store? Am I really supposed to go to church to find a girl to have some fun with? Do you try to pick them up during her lunch hour, when she's trying to shovel in the only thing she's going to eat all day. Of course guys go to clubs and bars to pick up woman. Hello, that's what they're for. Don't act like you didn't know that. In studies done all around the world, woman refer to clubs and bars as the number one place to pick up guys. That's why they're called "meat markets". Both sexes lose inhabitions after a few cocktails and become much more confident. Now the problem comes when woman don't know how to distinguish a guy who wants to flirt or a guy who wants to go home with them. They think they do, but if they did would we be having these problems.
I am done with this subject for now and hope that responding to someone else's blog doesn't make me dumb. Again, thanks XI.

Men seeking Venusian

What more can I say that the title didn't? First and foremost I dedicate this blog to a friend. That friend knows who they are. I was inspired to finally write down what I've been thinking since puberty.
To start this off I wanna go back to 1992. Remember how simple it was to ask a girl out? I used to write a note on filler paper and pass it to her desk. She usually had only three choices; yes, no, or maybe. If you didn't get yes checked out, you didn't feel stupid, you tried again the next week. Now let's fast forward to 2009. I know it's supposed to be a little more complicated since we are adults now, but come on ladies. Most guys with any sense would start out by picking out the right outfit for the night. An ensemble that says hey here I am, I wore this just for you. Not too much cologne, and the right hair-do. 
That's phase 1, the hard part is yet to come. Phase 2, getting the nerves to actually go up to her. So now what are the choices? Shouldn't they be yes, no, or maybe? Yes, but actually they are martini, cherry vodka sour, or "Thanks for getting all dressed up and building the nerves up to come talk to me, but go away!" I watched the movie "Hitch" the other night and wonder if getting women out of their way is possible. I mean when is the last time you didn't hear a girl say that she has been hurt and wants to be careful? We have been hurt too, and we want to be careful also, but we don't lock ourselves in and wait for Prince Charming to come climb a mountain, slay the dragon and ride us off into the sunset. Am I being dramatic.....NO! I've seen it and heard it a million times. All I'm saying is that there are some great guys out there, I happen to know a few.